We are a Paranormal Investigations group from Anaconda, Montana. We provide free investigation services including photography, EVP's, and Video. We are a group that tries to help people with Paranormal problems. We collect as much evidence we can, study that evidence and determine whether it is truly Paranormal or just environmental problems. If we find evidence of Paranormal happenings, we provide copies of that evidence to our clients. 

All information is confidential, unless we get permission to post that investigation on our site. All client's personal information is always confidential, unless permission is given to disclose that information on our site.

We do not charge for our services, however donations are welcome in order to purchase new equipment that will further make our services better.

Co-Founder of MPRIS Jackie Miller
Founder of MPRIS Jason Miller
Investigators Kristofer "Murph" Murphy and Melina Frankovich
Investigator Jack Duffeild

Our group is completely professional, courteous, and experienced in Paranormal Investigations.

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